Career Quest

Be An Expert In Job Searching

What is Career Quest All About?

Career Quest is a job search group that specifically caters to people with autism. You are given tools and accommodations to build the skills you need to complete a job search. This group will give you the opportunity to create the habit of job searching and then transfer the skills you learn through Career Quest into your future workplace or employment agency! The duration of the program is individual.

When and where does Career Quest take place?

Career Quest takes place two days per week (which days vary) on Zoom. Be a part of our job searching group from anywhere...with a computer and WIFI.

What will I be doing?

You must commit to four (4) hours each week (two sessions, two hours long each) of job searching with guidance from our facilitators.

What will my role be?

You must be committed to the job search process by:

  • Attending each session

  • Be on time

  • Actively job search

  • Apply to at least one (1) job a week

  • Take ownership

For more information, contact: Gillian Dobson at 506 450-6025 Email: