Our Board of Directors

Paul M. McDonnell

Paul M. McDonnell, Ph.D. Paul was a professor in Psychology at the University of New Brunswick for 30 years and since has worked as a clinical child psychologist in private practice until his retirement in 2018. He is currently a Professor Emeritus at UNB and a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association. He was a consultant for the UNB Autism Intervention Training Program since its inception in 2004. Paul has served on the board since 2010.

Kim MacKeigan

Kim MacKeigan has been a licensed speech-language pathologist (S-LP) in the province of New Brunswick for 27 years. For the past 16 years, she has worked as a consulting S-LP at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, working exclusively with children and youth diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder for most of that time. From 2003 to 2009, Kim was an instructor with the University of New Brunswick College of Extended Learning’s Autism Intervention Training program and from 2014 to 2016 served as a member of a curriculum advisory committee for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s Autism Training program. She has served on ACF’s board for over 10 years. 

Trisha Fournier-Hoyt

Trisha Fournier-Hoyt, FCPA/FCGA, is a professional accountant and treasurer to the Board. She has been an active member since 2016. Trisha brings a great deal of knowledge of post-secondary and administrative processes for her work experience in PSE, civil service and public sector accounting. 

Ginette Hannan

Ginette Hannan has spent most of her working life with various levels of government as an Admin. She is recently retired but will be launching a photography business as soon as she is allowed to do so after the pandemic is over. Hannan has become involved with the Board because she has an adult son and a 12-year-old grandson on the spectrum. She wants to help pave a better future for them and other families. When her son was diagnosed back in the late 80s, very little was known about Autism, and there was little to no support. There are many more resources today, but there is still a lot of work to do. Ginette is proud to be associated with Autism Connections Fredericton and to help raise awareness and provide services. She has been on the board since 2018.

Barbara D’Entremont

Barbara D’Entremont, a licensed psychologist with over 20 years’ experience. A full professor in the Psychology Department at UNB, D’Entremont teaches courses on child development and clinical psychology at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Her research and clinical specialty is autism spectrum disorder. She also maintains a small private practice. She has been a board member since 2015.

Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott, 39, raised in Newfoundland & Labrador, with commitment to its long-standing heritage. A dedicated member of our Canadian Armed Forces and its citizens within. Most importantly, he is a proud father to a young, baronial boy impacted by ASD. Mike has been on the board since 2020.

Greg Forsythe

Greg Forsythe, BT, BEd, and MEd was a teacher in New Brunswick for 32 years mostly at the primary level. He had several students in his classes in grade two on the Autism Spectrum. Forsythe is politically active, engages in many fundraisers, and is a choir director. Greg has been a board member since 2018.

Katie LaCosta

Katie LaCosta is a teacher in Anglophone School District West and mother to two children, one of whom has autism. She is proud to be involved in Autism Connections Fredericton, helping to run programming like the One-on-One Tutoring Program for Autistic Students, as well as the Parent Support Group. She is furthering her education in teaching students with exceptionalities like ASD and she advocates for awareness and acceptance of the autistic community. Katie has been a board member since 2019.

Samantha Landry

Samantha Landry has been with the centre since summer 2017 first as a volunteer, then as summer staff, and now as a board member. Samantha is a social worker in the community who is passionate about ensuring community services for individuals and families on the Autism spectrum. Samantha has been a board member since 2020.

Monique Lavigne

Monique Lavigne is an Educational Assistant working in the Francophone School District. She is also the founder of No Limits Soccer, a program that runs every summer and that she created specifically for kids on the spectrum. Monique has two children, one of which is autistic. She is dedicated to creating awareness and acceptance, as well as opportunities for the autistic population. Monique has been on the board since 2018.

Elizabeth McDonnell

Elizabeth McDonnell is a retired paediatric occupational therapist who spearheaded the development of an Autism Team at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation in the early 1990’s. She has been a long-time volunteer with the Canadian Rehabilitation Council for the Disabled, the Fredericton Therapeutic Riding Association, and on the board of Team Canada Healing Hands with whom she participated in a dozen international health care missions. She has served on ACF’s board since 2010.

Judy L. McKinney

Judy L. McKinney, BSW, RSW, is a registered social worker/counsellor in part-time private practice, and a part-time job coach/ co-worker with an autistic adult. She also worked 18 years in a not for profit counselling agency. Alongside her autistic adult daughter, Judy seeks to learn and promote awareness and advocacy for autistic people. Judy joined as a parent board member in 2014.