Our Staff

Rick Hutchins

Executive Director

Rick is an experienced Executive  Director with over 45 years working in the field. His work skills include, process facilitation, public relations, community engagement and education. Rick is also an Instructor at Renaissance College (UNB). Rick is humbled by the amazing team at ACF and the commitment to supporting families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum.


Thu Minh Ha

Executive Assistant

Thu is working at ACF as a co-op term, she is currently taking Business Administration at the University of New Brunswick with a concentration on Human Resources. Her main responsibilities are supporting executive functions of the centre as well as marketing and social media.


Barb Lockhart


Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

University of New Brunswick

Students from the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis program (UNB) work as a behavioral assistants under the Social Skills Program. Autism Connections Fredericton is a primary practicum setting for C-ABA program.

Participants 2020-2021

Dr. Michael Palmer

Program Director

Dr. Michael Palmer is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Doctoral level (BCBA-D) and is the Director of the Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis Program at the University of New Brunswick. He supervises students in the Skills Program and is working to increase access to quality, compassionate, and competent supports.


Alisha Hasan

Supervisor, BCBA

Alisha Hasan is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Under the Social Skills Program she supervises the work of students from C-ABA Program.

Laura Fisher

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Laura has recently completed her undergraduate studies at the University of New Brunswick. Currently, she is working towards completing the practicum component of the Applied Behaviour Analysis Certificate Program at UNB. 

Rebecca Pearson

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from Dalhousie University. She is also the New Brunswick Educator for Autism Nova Scotia's Healthy Relationships, Sexuality, and Autism program. If you are an adult with autism and are interested in learning more about those topics, please click below.

Anna Gaeva

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Anna is an international student from Russia. She has a Bachelor degree and Master degree from Russia. She is also pursuing a Bachelor of Arts(Honours) degree from the University of New Brunswick. She is interested in behavioural science and wants to study behavioural neuroscience.

Meredith Morrison

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Meredith has a Bachelors of Arts majoring in Psychology. She is in the program because she wants to support individuals with autism. She has been interested in this field since she was 5 and saw the improvements that were made for her twin brother with autism.

Lorinda Crouse

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Lorinda is graduating this year with a Bachelor in Arts and major in Psychology, with a diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis. She fell in love with ABA when she started working at Autism Intervention Services as a summer job, and she instantly knew this line of work was for her!

Xinchao Liu

Behavioural Assistant (Student)

Liu immigrated to Canada in 2015. Liu and his family enjoy the peaceful lives in Fredericton. He has a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master’s degree in Psychology from China. He is also a student in the BIS program at UNB. He is interested in learning and practice in psychology and glad to serve others.


Autism Connections Fredericton acts as a setting of internship for students from the Fredericton area. ARTS 3000 - 4000 is one of the programs that is run by the University of New Brunswick. This program allows students from various fields to gain valuable experience working with the non-profit organizations.