Our Staff

Shannon O'Brien

Executive Director

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

University of New Brunswick

Students from the Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis program (UNB) work as a behavioral assistants under the Social Skills Program. Autism Connections Fredericton is a primary practicum setting for C-ABA program.

Participants 2020-2021

Dr. Michael Palmer

Program Director

Dr. Michael Palmer is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at the Doctoral level (BCBA-D) and is the Director of the Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis Program at the University of New Brunswick. He supervises students in the Skills Program and is working to increase access to quality, compassionate, and competent supports.


Alisha Hasan

Supervisor, BCBA

Alisha Hasan is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Under the Social Skills Program she supervises the work of students from C-ABA Program.

Sierra Coates

Behavioural Assistant

Alaina Mcinnes

Behavioural Assistant

Bailey Lemieux

Behavioural Assistan


Autism Connections Fredericton acts as a setting of internship for students from the Fredericton area. ARTS 3000 - 4000 is one of the programs that is run by the University of New Brunswick. This program allows students from various fields to gain valuable experience working with the non-profit organizations.